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Matching SFDC and Zuora test environments


Matching SFDC and Zuora test environments

I want to provision new sandboxes for Zuora and SalesForce with matching data extracted from production.  We have a full copy service environment for Zuora, and a full copy sandbox for SalesForce.


Zuora service environment refresh is done via a support request; the initial response is within 48 hours, but the provisioning itself could take up to 5 days.


Has anyone else succeeded in getting matching or near matching test environments?  Is there any way to know the timestamp of the production data used to build the Zuora service environment?  Did you fire off the SalesForce sandbox provisioning manually from within SalesForce, or did Zuora tech support do both at the same time?  Or is there some alternate methodology to accomplish this?




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Re: Matching SFDC and Zuora test environments

Hi Michael,


Sorry, if I ddin't get the question right. But, if you are checking on how to  refresh your salesforce org, then following are the steps that I found in Salesforce Forum:


Refresh a Sandbox:

- From Setup, enter Sandboxes in the Quick Find box, then select Sandboxes. ...
- Next to the name, click Refresh.
- Review the Name, Description, and Create From values, and edit these values if needed.
- Select the type of sandbox environment you want. ...
- Select the data you want to copy


You can also review the following Article:




Thank you


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