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How to monitor Zuora availability?

Question: I want to identify when the Zuora application is up or down or experiencing performance issues. 

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Re: How to monitor Zuora availability?

Solution: We provide a system status page at trust.zuora.com. This site reports the status of each component by Zuora environment. There are multiple options to receive push notifications. Click the "Subscribe to Updates" button to review.


Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 6.20.04 PM.png




For a technical solution, you can leverage a monitoring tool (Pingdom) or a similar type of application.


 What is Zuora’s best practice(s) for this kind of use case?

  1. For UI, you can monitor the login page by going to https://www.zuora.com/apps/newlogin.do
  2. Once you are logged in, perform a data source export because this function will touch base majority of our servers that will help you have an idea if overall Zuora application is performing as expected. Export ZOQL for API.
  3. For API, you can perform a login() call and basic SOAP operations like create(), query(), and subscribe() to validate if Zuora API is responding and on a timely manner.
  4. You can also perform a traceroute api.zuora.com to isolate if it is an ISP connectivity issue.
  5. You can check with your IT / Intergration Team if there is any issue on your company firewall or proxy server that prevents the connection to Zuora app.


Additional reference that will be helpful:

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Re: How to monitor Zuora availability?

Hi There


I'd like to set up an RSS feed, from Zuora, about scheduled maintence, or outages and for this to appear in our team's SharePoint site -


Would anyone be able to advise?


Thank you

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Re: How to monitor Zuora availability?



Under the "Announcements" area of the Community, there should be a link to the following:

  • Zuora Announcements
  • Release Notifications

When you enter either of these areas, you should see a "Blog Options" area with the option to subscribe to the RSS feed.

rss feed.png


For the Zuora Status page found here: http://trust.zuora.com/, click on "Subscribe to Updates" and choose the RSS icon:





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