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Duplicate Notifications



I have not found in any of the trainings or documentation, where it says that you can only have 1 notification per event.


Example: I would like to send a 14 days past due notice and another notice on day 27 that informs client again of past due balance and suspension of account. When I go to set the 27 day notification it shows an error message saying duplicate notification.


Are you only allowed to have 1 (email) notification per related event?




Re: Duplicate Notifications

Hi @cjamerson you are able to have multiple notifications for the Invoice Due event.  maybe check your configurations to make sure that you aren't trying to use the same number in the days twice.  I've added some screen shots for configuring a 14 day notification and a 27 day notification.  you can use the same email template or create a separate email template specific for each notification.  Let me know if you are able to create both notifications after this.


Multiple Billing Notifications for Invoice Due.JPG

14 Days Past Due.JPG

27 Days Past Due.JPG

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Re: Duplicate Notifications

When I try this in my sandbox system, I receive this error. 



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Re: Duplicate Notifications

Okay Ignore my previous error, apparently coffee hasn't kicked in. I already had a callout setup and just needed to edit that notification. 


Are there certain events you can only use once? Originally I was trying to use Invoice Past Due, Account Summary. 


Thank you for the assist. 


Re: Duplicate Notifications

@cjamerson, It doesn't look like Zuora identifies which notifications can only be used once.  However, something like "Manual Email For Payment" or "Invoice Posted via Bill Run" that can only be configured once.  Anything that has a variable for like days before or after can be recreated for various days.  I'd say anything manual or one time events can't be multiplied.  Let me know if that helps.


Here's Zuora's article regarding all of the supported notification Supported Event Types.  


Glad to hear that you got it figured out and it's working as intended!