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Disable required Zuora fields on Salesforce Contact Record

Today, the majority of contacts in our Salesforce database do NOT have an address attached to them, but it appears to be a required field through Zuora for all new and updated contacts. We can't make the smallest change to any current contact record without also having to append an address, and this is becoming hugely problematic. (Like, I can't even fix a spelling error and hit save on an old record - it won't save without an address.)


I need to make the address field in Salesforce NOT required - at least temporarily - and I believe this setting is coming from something on the Zuora end, and I can't figure out where. 


Can anyone guide me here? 



Zuora Support Moderator

Re: Disable required Zuora fields on Salesforce Contact Record

You may go to Settings > Billing > Custom Fields, find the affected custom field and unmark "Required". This will this field not a required field anymore.


Refer this document for more information: 



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Re: Disable required Zuora fields on Salesforce Contact Record

@ebierschenk have you been able to resolve this issue?


The only required fields for a contact to be entered into Zuora is first and late name.  Also, the contact listed as the Sold To needs a Country populated for tax purposes.  Are you using ztax or an application like Avalara?  If you are using Avalara, I believe that's where the additional address fields are being required.