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Communication Profiles


Communication Profiles

If I do a bill run for a bunch of accounts that are set up as "external payment" and have the "email" box checked for invoice delivery preference but do not have an Active Notification in their communication profile for the Invoice Posted event, will those customers still receive an email with their invoice? Or do I HAVE to set up a notification in order for invoices to be emailed out?

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Re: Communication Profiles

From my experience with communication profiles and the example you gave above. If you wanted an email sent out, you'd have to setup a communication profile with that specific email notification active.


I think what you are asking in short, Is will all your customers receive an email after you process external payment IF you do NOT have the email notification checked under your main communication profile. Answer: IF it is NOT checked to action, then your customers would not receive an email saying the payment was processed.


However I recommend testing in your sandbox first.


Also let me know if I am not understanding your question appropriately.


Best of Luck