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Re: Cadence Notifications for Invoices Due

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Cadence Notifications for Invoices Due

I am looking to see if anyone else has tried to run "cadence" style notifications out of Zuora. 


Currently we are wanting to send out the following:


An email with the invoice pdf attached when the invoice is posted.

A Thank you for your payment note (when payment is made)

An email on day 14 of the invoice being past due (an invoice due event)

An email on day 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 105, and 120. Each email would contain text with stronger language to pay the past due balance. 


However, we would like to be able to skip any of these notifications at any time. Example, we want to send out day 30's but not day 45's email. On day 45 we'd rather send the messaging from day 30 again. 


Also with the above we would like to be able to pick any of the emails and send out at any time. Example day 23 if we wanted. Is this a possibility?


Has anyone been able to successfully do this without using callouts? Has anyone done anything similar with messaging?


Thank you in advance for any tips or suggestions. Any and ALL suggestions welcome!


Re: Cadence Notifications for Invoices Due

Hi @cjamerson,  I'll tell you what we've set up.  We also have the email when Invoice Is Posted and the Processed Payment Email.  Then for the past due emails, we have a simple cadence set for 5 days, 15 days and 30 days.  The 3 past due emails have stronger language with each one.


These emails aren't available to send on demand individually or in mass.  They are all system generated and sent once a day in the morning.


There's no way to skip a specific day's notification.  You can reconfigure the cadence to remove the 45 day notification altogether. You can change the template used for the 45 day notification to another email template.  However, these changes will apply to all customers associated with that communication profile.


Avoid using language that reference this is the "third notice" for the 45 day notification.  If you already have invoices that are 45 days past due and you turn on the notifications today and the customer gets an email saying it's the "third notice", but it's the first email they've received, it doesn't make for a good experience.  We made this mistake, and it just was overly complicated to manage the roll out.  Now that I know, I would have advised against using such language.


We have also implemented an "exclude from dunning" profile that is a copy of the default communication profile without the past due notices active.  we use this for those customers who are irritated at getting emails when the check is in the mail.  It's suppose to be used rarely and once the customer is paid in full, their communication profile is returned to the default.


We also use the Customer Statement notification.  It's a once a month email to the customer that lists all outstanding invoices.  We have it send 10 days after the Bill Cycle Day value that's on the Account level.


We don't use callouts for Invoice Past Due notices to send messages  We use callouts on the Payment Process event to trigger access in our platform.


Let me know if you have any additional questions.

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Re: Cadence Notifications for Invoices Due

Thank you for this. It helps alot! I was almost 100% positive there wasn't a way to have a depository of emails that could be sent on a whim in Zuora, but wanted to be certain before passing this information along. 


I will also pass on how your team does cadence type emails.


If you do not mind, I'd like to run my depository solution by you. 


The idea I have proposed in my head so far would be to make a communication profile for each of the emails as they get stronger. Example, I'd have a communication profile labelled Open Invoice (normally sent at 15 days). The communication profile labelled Open Invoice would only have 1 notification enabled with the email template used for the Open Invoice email. This way if we have a client that is getting close to the say 30 day mark and is about to receive a stronger worded message but we got an email with the wire confirmation, we can change the communication profile to no communication or the open invoice communication (which is a simply reminder the invoice is open still). Once day 30 has passed the representative from A/R can go back into the profile and change the communication profile back to the Enterprise one.


We have 10 emails that are sent out, so this would be 10 individualized communication profiles set up with 1 email notification each.


Thank you again for your assistance/guidance on this adventure.


Re: Cadence Notifications for Invoices Due



Too funny, I had written out your proposed solution in my first response, but thought it was just too ridiculous, so I removed it.  But yes, it will work.  Might be prone to human error of course, like, not changing the comunication profile back to the default one after the individual email is sent.  Reports could be set up to check the value daily to ensure that accounts don't have the 10 individualized communication profiles.


Usually removal of access gets a customer to respond and pay their invoices more so than the 7th email reminder.  We suspend customer's acess after 15 days and them write off customers after 45 days.


If would be good to at least get another Zuora customer's cadence, just for some perspective at least.  Hopefully someone else will reply.

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Re: Cadence Notifications for Invoices Due

Yes, I think it is pretty ridiculous myself, but it's what they want. Shakes head. 


This is for our Enterprise level clients, if we "remove access" we take down there entire business. So not an option at this point, as taking down a multi-million dollar company isn't the best idea. However you comment has brought an idea into my head that I will propose to my leadership to see if we could eventually move towards something on the engineering side of things. 


Thank you!