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[Action Required] Maintenance to Update SSL Certificate for API Sandbox (March 2015)

You are receiving this email because we have identified you as a point of contact for Zuora at your organization. You will be affected by this change if your certificate store does not contain the root certificate chain specified below.  Please work with your technical team to determine if this change will affect you.


This change does not affect our Production system. Action is required on your part prior to March 11th 2015 to ensure you do not experience any disruption in service on API Sandbox.


The SSL certificate for API Sandbox will expire in April 2015.  The purpose of this maintenance is to update the SSL certificate. To align with industry standard best practices and for the security of our customers, we are updating the signing algorithm of the certificate from SHA 1 to the more secure SHA 2.  


When will these changes take effect?

  • The change will occur on March 11th 2015 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM Pacific Time.  This is a zero downtime deployment, therefore there is no expected service interruption.


How will this change impact me?

Due to the signing algorithm changing, the root chain for this certificate will change. You may be impacted by these changes if your systems require Cybertrust Root Certificates to be trusted, and you do not already have Cybertrust Root Certificates imported into the trusted CA stores used by your applications.  


What action must I take?

You must complete the following actions before the scheduled maintenance of March 11th 2015 to avoid any potential service disruption.


Download and install Cybertrust Root Certificate Bundle

If your systems check client certificates and require that Cybertrust Root Certificates be imported into your application’s trusted CA stores, you must download the Cybertrust Root Certificates and install them appropriately on your systems.  


Follow these steps to download the Cybertrust Root Certificates:

  1. Download Cybertrust Root Certificates attached to this article.
  2. Import these certificates into your trusted CA store based on your system parameters.

What happens if I take no action?

If you take no action, your systems may be unable to connect to the Zuora API Sandbox environment after this change is implemented. Please discuss these changes with your IT administrators to ensure you take the appropriate actions.


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