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KerryMcD Tutor


We have hundreds of Zuora users and it can be a real pain finding a user on the user list, especially if their first and last names are in the middle of the alphabet.  Would love the ability to: 


  • Search for a user by name
  • Sort the list by other columns like role
  • Filter the list (build list views like in Salesforce) so I could easily pull up a list of all Active users or all FinOps users for example.
  • Be able to export any of the results of the above (so export only active users for example).

This is a huge pain point for me as an admin. Thanks in advance!

jasong Student


Support confirmed with me that when a tenant is configured to use SSO and a user clicks the "logout" button, then it redirects users to the organization's SSO login page.

However, session timeouts go to the ZUORA login page. This, in my opinion, is the wrong behavior.

When a tenant is configured to use SSO, session timeouts should ALSO redirect users to the SSO page - that way if the SSO configuration still has an active token, the user can be redirected seamlessly back to zuora.

Please upvote this. The lack of this feature is causing pains within my organization. Smiley Happy


jkwas Student



Status: Under Consideration
by Student jkwas on ‎09-20-2017 10:03 AM

I would love presets in Zuora!  The way we provision access at my company is by job title.  Finance Ops has one set of permissions while someone outside of FinOps may have some of those roles as "restricted access."  Frequently, someone may click the wrong access level and then they have higher access than they need.  I would love if there was a way for me to select a group of role permissions in one single pre-set.  Say I enter in the users name and email and then select "IT Admin" and that would auto-populate all of their role permissions appropriately.  


Let me know if that makes sense and if it's possible! That would make things way easier as well as more secure and accurate!


Thank you!

Status: Under Consideration

@jkwas, well, this is very timely post by you. We're actually currently discussing the pros and cons of the product-role approach we have now versus a more traditional user role approach. One of the concerns with switching to the user role approach, is that any small tweaks would require a new role. Over time, it might be hard to know which role is the right one to pick. On the other hand, I do see the ease of maintenance and assignment of roles to new users. Any comments?

Zuora-Support Community Manager

Community Manager

Require Audit Trail

Status: Under Consideration
by Community Manager on ‎01-13-2016 11:24 AM

Feature Request: Require Audit Trail

Status: under evaluation

Reference Number: DE5826/PMT-876

Business Need:

There are business requirements that are looking for the ability to have an audit trail for all fields and records. The requirement is to have an audit trail on all

- Account fields (including all custom fields)
- Subscription Fields (including all custom fields)
- Contact Address Fields (including all custom fields)
- Settings changes
- Users' actions


Status: Under Consideration

This continues to be high on our backlog, but we don't yet have a delivery date. We'll provide an update as soon as we have a more concrete idea on when we'll start on this feature.

rdeloach Scholar


Export / Import configuration

Status: Coming Soon
by Scholar rdeloach on ‎01-21-2016 04:13 AM

It would be most helpful to be able to export a tenant configuration to a file, like meta-data or similar, and have the ability to import it into a tenant.  There are 2 use cases for this: first, to back up and archive configurations to satisfy auditor requests to validate no unapproved configurations have changed.  Second, in ensuring environment integrity in API Sandboxes or Services tenants to your source/production tenant.

Status: Coming Soon
bolaurent Master


Too many credentials!

Status: Under Consideration
by Master bolaurent on ‎05-25-2017 08:59 AM

I have credentials associated with Zuora:


  • Community
  • Connect
  • Support
  • Subscribed
  • University


This is kind of a pain; how about a unified auth system?

Status: Under Consideration

Hi @bolaurent, you're absolutely right, and we're working internally to provide a unified login capability across all Zuora properties. We just need a bit more time to get that done. Please bear with us for the time being!

bolaurent Master


unified search in Zuora UI

Status: New Idea
by Master bolaurent on ‎03-03-2017 08:09 AM

It's a significant source of friction that I can't search for an object until I click on that object name in the sidebar, then the search window on the right.


Please give us a unified search field, displayed on all UI pages in the same location, that searches all objects. So, for instance, if I enter "INV0000123" it gets me to an invoice, and if I enter "Foobar" it displays accounts and subscriptions named foobar*.


Also, if there is only a single hit (as for instance, "INV000123" would produce), then take me directly to the record.



bolaurent Master


Give UI tabs useful names

Status: Under Consideration
by Master bolaurent on ‎09-23-2016 09:48 AM

I typically have multiple tabs open to the UI. All the tabs have the same, not helpful, name. 

I really want these tabs to be named with the record that is displayed (a product, an account, an invoice, etc).



Status: Under Consideration

@bolaurent, you're right, this is not that helpful. Let's see what we can do.

bolaurent Master


We create custom documentation for various Finance processes in Zuora.


I would like to add links to these docs in my zuora instance.


Let us add labels to the menu and specify the urls ourselves.



Status: Unlikely

 Hi @bolaurent, thank you for the idea! I don't think we want to move on this as a product feature, however as we now have the Connect Marketplace, I'd explore that as an opportunity to create an app that's a library of the docs you want to publish. To learn more about Connect Marketplace and apps, go here:

Tarek Tutor ZEO

Tutor ZEO

Support the SNI extension of TLS

Status: New Idea
by Tutor ZEO on ‎07-06-2017 04:54 AM

Some clients are planning to use the SNI extension of TLS.

However, with the deprecation of TLS1.0 we have this issue reported here:

It would be great to add this in the roadmap.

george New Student

New Student

Support DKIM

Status: New Idea
by New Student george on ‎05-10-2017 03:00 PM

DKIM is mandatory for many secure email specifications.  It would be very useful for us if Zuora supported this.

sumitbahukhandi Savvy Scholar

Savvy Scholar

Contextual Help Links

Status: Under Consideration
by Savvy Scholar sumitbahukhandi on ‎03-30-2017 03:57 AM

Hello All,


Is it possible to put help links with in the Zuora application which will take users to a relevant help topic (be it in knowledge center or custom help material).


For example in Salesforce we have help links under any tab. By default it takes users to but it can be overriden by creating a VF page with your own custom help material. In below screenshot, clicking the link will take user to help content for Products which can guide users how to create products, important fields to be filled in and so on.




Is it possible to do something similar in Zuora?


Thanks you!


Status: Under Consideration

@sumitbahukhandi, understand what you're asking for. We'll look into adding more of these capabilities as we continue revisiting our UI's, currently, this would be a very large task to undertake, so we'll likely go at this piecemeal over time.

mikemartin Partner


Enterprise readiness: One should be able to login to many Zuoras from one SSO

Status: New Idea
by Partner ‎05-03-2017 11:26 AM - edited ‎05-03-2017 11:27 AM

In relation to: Cannot add new user to Zuora for SSO, as an Enterprise with more than one Zuora who has several (lots of) employees, of which there may be 50 or so Zuora users across our several Zuora tenants, we want to implement a mature SSO solution so that when a user moves, leaves or joins our business, we can revoke access for them in our Zuora tenant, we also want them to only have to remember one password.


Currently, unlike other enterprise solutions (Salesforce, replicon etc), Zuora doesn't not support that use case. Zuora should support this use case. How far away is this enterprise feature from being developed?


We need our users to just login to their Okta portal and pick the Zuora tenant they need access to at the time they need it.


Illustration of SSO

tz5kc1 Scholar


Zuora Connect allows only 4 currencies to be activated at once.  Increase number to 20.  This will prevent having to split files and do multiple runs.


Thank you.

bolaurent Master


API Idea: Please support OAUTH

Status: Implemented
by Master bolaurent on ‎06-06-2017 07:31 PM

Oauth has only limited support in Zuora. 

I would really like to have my script that accesses Zuora via API authenticate using OAUTH.


Pretty please, can we have this?

Also, perhaps there should be an ideas forum for API?

Status: Implemented

This is available now and we'll be rolling it out to everyone, and updating the documentation, in the August release.


For those of you who cannot wait, you can follow these instructions on how to get an OAuth token and use it to log into Zuora. Please take a look at:

  1. This article, which will be updated with the August release, when we get rid of the Bearer Token permission.
  2. And this documentation, which details out how to obtain a token. This method of authentication will become our recommended Authentication method with the August release.

Looking forward to your feedback!

Renaldo Zuora SME

Zuora SME

Allow a custom field lengths of 2k or 4k chars.


Customers are finding they require custom fields that can hold more text. 

Un-indexed custom fields, or additional notes or description fields of 2 to 4k characters are being requested.

Status: Under Consideration

I'd love to hear what the use cases are for 2k or 4k fields. At some point, these are starting to be used as a data store, could the new Attachment feature be used for this instead? Please note that we're also looking into adding a concept of Notes that, similar to Attachemnts, could be entered on select Zuora objects (likely Account, Subscription, and Invoice).

Kyle Zuora SME

Zuora SME


Status: Under Consideration
by Zuora SME on ‎06-03-2016 04:41 PM

I think it would be a great idea to allow the ability to create/read/update users in Zuora via the REST apis. Is this something that is being prioritzed at this point?


Status: Under Consideration

Hey @Kyle, great idea and we're looking to do this along with a REST API for the rest of Zuora Settings as well. The likely timing is sometime in 2017, given other items we're working on, but would love to see this voted up to give me more feedback on the priority.

dmdaniel Savvy Scholar

Savvy Scholar

Recycling Bin

Status: Under Consideration
by Savvy Scholar dmdaniel on ‎05-11-2016 06:53 AM

There are a couple of issues with the delete permissions, so this idea is a combination of a number of different ideas.


- By default delete permission are enabled in the "Standard Profiles", they should not be - giving delete permission should be a more active task by an administrator.


- Customising the default profiles is not possible, so you need to add a new profile to remove delete privledges. 


- In an active system you then need to identify the users to change to this profile, unfortunately there is no report.  So its a matter of clicking on each user and changing (easy to make a mistake)


- There is no way to remove the standard profile, so new users may get assigned to the wrong profile quite easily. (As this would be the detault option).


Ultimately it is very difficult to robustly control and remove delete permissions -  to address this a couple of things need to be done:-


- make the default profile editable.

- remove delete capabilities from the out of the box profile.


Even with all of this, mistakes can happen, and ultimately there needs to be a capacility to un-delete mistakes (or even malicious actions) which could otherwise risk the survival of a business.


There really needs to be an un-delete capability or a recycling bin (simiar to salesforce) that would allow object that have been deleted to be restored.




sae Scholar


Search from home screen

Status: Under Consideration
by Scholar sae on ‎06-27-2016 05:57 AM

It would be great if there could be a search field on an aggregated level. So that when being on a customer account page, I can search for a new customer without going back to the Customer Accounts view. So a search field next to settings/ help/ log out menus to save a few clicks

Status: Under Consideration

Thank you for posting this, @sae, I'd like to see how many votes we can get for this. Also, would love to hear the use cases that a "Universal Search" would provide.


As to our plans, such "Universal Search" is in our backlog, but not currently a high priority, so there's no planned date for release at this time.

alexboster Tutor


We have a critical custom field (that represents the customer's unique database id in our systems) that should be unique. It would be very helpful if we could set the custom field in Zuora to be unique, such that Zuora would not allow us to create multple objects (in this case, Accounts) with the same custom field value.


Our use case: When the customer converts (enters payment information), we send that to Zuora directly from their browser via the REST API. Our system then receives a New Subscription callout notification if the conversion succeeds. This is probably very standard.


Then potential issue is that browsers cannot be considered 100% reliable. So it's possible we could send the Create Account REST call multiple times, even with various mitigations in our Javascript code. We can detect that this has already happened (indeed, every callout notification after the first would generate an error in our system that could be escalated). But it would be better if Zuora would just reject the redundant records.