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Zuora Live Operations training course suggestions

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Zuora Live Operations training course suggestions


I have some feedback about this training course:

  1. The first module, which is there to register for a live session, shows an empty list. At least it did for me, since there did not seem to be any available upcoming sessions to register for. I'm guessing since there are now recordings available for this course, you no longer provide live sessions. If this is the case, it might be helpful to remove that module to avoid confusion.

  2. The page to view the training recording does load the video, but the video starts fast-forwarding on its own. I've tried loading the page in both Chrome and IE, and it does the same thing. I've refreshed the page multiple times with the same strange behaviour. Eventually, the video does stop fast-forwarding and can then be watched normally. The only way I could watch the entire video without interruption was to download the video file to my computer first, and watch it from there. Which leads me to my next point.

  3. (Screenshot attached)
    The quality of the video recording could be better. I'm not referring to the resolution, but rather the video as a whole. The picture is limited to the first quarter (top left) of the screen. Therefore, the rest of the screen is chopped off and does not show up in the video. So this makes the watching experience close to incomprehensible because, while you can hear the audio, you cannot see what the instructor is referring to on the screen most of the time.

Please look into these points. Thank you!


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Zuora Staff

The Live Operations Training is a recording of an older training session.  We've updated the content and created several self-paced courses.  You'll find the complete list here: https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/Zuora_University_Course_Schedule/Zuora_University_Courses.  You'll likely find the Basics of Billing Operations and Basics of Payment Operations useful.  



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