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Re: Zuora API to become RESTful rather than SOAP based - Status changed to: Coming Soon

Zuora API to become RESTful rather than SOAP based


This would be more in line with standard web integration practices and would considerably simplify the application integration programming for our customers. This is under consideration by Product Management but not yet in our road map. Kindly reference to DE7193 for this enhancement request.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Coming Soon

I hope with pushing more things to REST we dont give up the benefits we see in the SOQP API, namely ZOQL. The biggest reason we still keep coming back to SOAP for most things is the need to query based on more granular parameters than what the REST API supports.

Zuora Product Team

I invite everyone to take a look at the new Developer Center, which documents our REST API's, which cover 100% of API's, including the functionality previously available only in SOAP. So, yes, @feisley, ZOQL is now available via REST!

Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Implemented

@lukasz yes, we were very excited to see this. Our development team is already beginning to work with the new REST APIs.