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Re: Windows Azure SSO add support to redirect user to Azure AD login after IDP timeout has been reac

Windows Azure SSO add support to redirect user to Azure AD login after IDP timeout has been reached

If our users leave Zuora open for an extended period of time (i.e. 12+ hours) with no activity, when they go to click on something after the period of inactivity they are redirected to the standard Zuora login page which then presents an error.

We need to have users redirected the Azure AD SSO login page.




I am experencing similar behavior when using Azure AD. After about 12+ hours the Zuora login page produces an error when re-attempting to visit the page. 

-Using a fresh/cache cleared browser log into Zuora prod or sandbox using the Azure portal "app".
-Zuora access is granted and loads properly right away and even retrying logging in via the Azure portal app it loads fine
-Do not manually log out of Zuora and either leave the browser open or close the Zuora tab or close the browser.
-Open the browser again "next day" and try logging into Zuora again and the SSO error it produced.

Only by clearing the cache can I log into Zuora once again. So there is both the 12 hour timeout problem and an odd need to clear cache to regain access.



Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Under Consideration

This is a known issue at the moment. Basically, once the Azure AD login expires, Zuora doesn't know how to redirect the user to log in via Azure AD again. The workaround, once this happens, is to clear the browser cache.


We're looking into resolving this, but the challenge is understanding where to re-direct to, once the Azure AD login expires.




Glad it is on Zuora's radar and I can certainly provide any testing if needed. At the current time I am just disabling SSO for the users (versus having them clear cache) and using normal login with 2nd factor.




Simply wanted to check in if there have been any status updates to this issue? We are going live in the next few weeks and curious if anything has changed?

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Is there any update to high level timeline? This is becoming quite annoying for our users on daily basis.

Zuora Product Team

@BobbySingh, we're in the process of looking at our authentication and SSO implementations, but it may take a bit of time to get to this still. Please don't forget the vote for this feature, if it is important to you, right now this only has 1 vote...


@lukaszThis is not a feature or an idea. This is a glaring bug/glitch that greatly negitively affects customers using Azure AD with Zuora. Clearing cache is not a valid workaround for this problem and this does need to be much higher priority to get resolved. I have never seen any other SSO implemention for other software that has this problem. 

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Hi @lukasz,


Do we have any update on this?


This has become quite annoying for our users that they need to clear cache everyday to login. This issue has been there for a long time and it is quite surprising to see that this has not been resolved yet. 


Thanks in advance




Zuora Product Team

@BobbySingh, we're not planning to touch SSO until later this year, say Q2 or Q3. I'll provide update around then if we're able to get this in.

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This issue still persists for us....

Is there any update to this thread, whether this has been resolved or not ...