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Re: Using Partial Templates for E-Mails

Using Partial Templates for E-Mails

It would be very helpfull if it would be possible to define global header and footer elements and maybe even more elements that might be used on different E-Mails. It would also be great to have a default base template, so if you create a new e-Mail notification the design and layout will be pulled from that base template.


I like this idea.  The notification section is tedious already so any improvements would help. 


To deal with this, I have a email templates that I keep inactive that has the header and footer layouts we use.  We have about 10 different basic layouts.  I copy and paste the HTML basic layout into a new email template that will be used for a specific notification.  Then I populate the body of the email.  Assuming others have done similar solutions.


I agree with both of you; anything to make repetitive efforts easier would be helpful especially when dealing with Multi-entity!