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Re: User Deactivation

User Deactivation

Looks like currently Zuora does not allow to deactivate/ revoke a user if the status is pending activation. The work around suggested by support via ticket # 61582 is that we should update the email to our own or another email which we can access to first activate the account and then deactivate. 

This seems coutner intuitive and a security risk. As a Zuora admin we should be able to deactivate/ revoke access at any given time.


Community Manager
Status changed to: More Feedback Needed
Honor Student

I am the admin and in the need to deactivate an user. I don't see an option to delete or deactivate it. How is this possible? The previous status says "More Feedback Needed". What other information do you require to enable this feature?

Zuora Product Team

Dear @damerlasharma, you should be able to deactivate a user today, unless this user is in pending status. Please see this following Knowledge Center article for the instructions. We are still looking into resolving the use case when the user is pending, which is why the status remains as "More Feedback Needed."

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Status changed to: Under Consideration

I am adding my support to enable functionality for an admin to deactivate a 'pending activation' user. It is counter-productive to add my own email, activate myself, then deactivate. At the end of the day, many deactivated users would show my email address (given that our Company has 'pending users' that need to be deactivated) if the current fix were followed.

Savvy Scholar

There are times that we add a new user to Zuora, and for various reasons they never use the system.  When it's time to clean up these users, it is very time consuming to deactivate them.  In other systems, it takes about 3 minute to deactive 5 users.  In Zuora, if the user is pending activation, it takes about 30 minutes to deactivate 5 users. 

Zuora Staff
Zuora Staff

Yext has raised this topic as well. There needs to be a better solution for scalability of very large accounts.