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The AquA API should return all deleted records, not just ones that have been deleted recently

Currently, the AquA API allows you to get deleted records, but only in stateful mode. This means that if you "start over" by changing the query you cannot find out deleted records prior to the "start over". This is extremely inconvenient! There are many, many reasons why you might need to start over with a changed query. It should be possible to get older deleted records.

Zuora Alumni
Status changed to: Under Consideration
Zuora Alumni

Are you willing to share a bit more about the cases where you see this coming up? I understand well the case where you need to know about deletions that have taken place since the start of a sync so that you can update the destination system accordingly. However, I would love to understand more about the drivers for looking at deleted records for any query.

Savvy Scholar

Data warehousing. If something goes wrong with your warehouse, you need to be able to resync without knowing exactly what is currently present in the data warehouse. The underlying data pipeline is shared by many sources, not just Zuora.