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Support new REST API in Production Copy (Services) Environments

Support new REST API in Production Copy (Services) Environments

Per Zuora Support Request #106568:


"I've discussed the issue with our Product team and at present, the new REST APIs are not yet supported in our Production copy environments."


Our engineering team(s) use production copy (services) environments as a staging environment for the purposes of development. Without support of the new REST API in services environments we will be unable to complete any work using the new Zuora REST API

Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Under Consideration

We're working on figuring how to add this in to the Services environments, more updates to follow.

New Student

This is an issue for us as well.  There are instances where SOAP doesn't work well, and we also use Boomi - and my understanding is that Zuora is currently working with Boomi to implement a REST connector.  Boomi's Zuora REST connector will be effectively useless if it cannot function in a Production Copy environment.

Savvy Scholar

We really need this as well. We want to move our future development from SOAP to REST since you are deprecating SOAP, but production copy environment is unavoidable for us in our UAT process.


I am disappointed that an upgraded sandbox offering does not provide a consistent computing environment.  They are called Production Copy Environments.  This is hampering our adoption of REST as well.

Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Implemented

We are now able to support all REST API's in the PCE's (Production Copy Environments). Please request this from Zuora Support once your environment is ready.