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Re: Security Policy - 180 days of Password expiration

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Security Policy - 180 days of Password expiration

We need "180 days" in "Password expriation" pick-list on Security Policy Setting to comply our company policy.

Zuora Staff

Hi @S_Mizu,


Thanks for posting your idea on our Zuora Community Forum!


We'll definitely look into your suggested idea and discuss this with our Product Management team.


We will update this thread with further information when available.


Thanks again for posting your idea, we value your input!

Community Manager

Hi @S_Mizu Thanks for your great idea!  I'll move it to the Admin and Settings Ideas forum so that the right Product Managers can review it.


Thanks again and welcome to the Zuora Community!



Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Unlikely

Currently unlikely that we'd add this, as the best practice is to change passwords more frequently than 180 days. Would love to see others vote this up.