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Re: Search from home screen

Search from home screen

It would be great if there could be a search field on an aggregated level. So that when being on a customer account page, I can search for a new customer without going back to the Customer Accounts view. So a search field next to settings/ help/ log out menus to save a few clicks

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Status changed to: Under Consideration

Thank you for posting this, @sae, I'd like to see how many votes we can get for this. Also, would love to hear the use cases that a "Universal Search" would provide.


As to our plans, such "Universal Search" is in our backlog, but not currently a high priority, so there's no planned date for release at this time.


I will certainly cast my vote for this. I often find myself groaning to myself several times per day as i paste an account number into the invoice search, vise versa and otherwise.


I like the idea of the same global search like we use in Salesforce where I can put an invoice number in and expect to see the invoice in the results as well as the company that references it.


In its simplest form it could return the same results as the other individual searches, just in a consolidated view. So if i put an account number in i might see:



 1. Result 1



 1. Result 1

 2. Result 2



  No results.


This is a two part issue. One - having a universal search, as @feisley mentions, searching across invoices, account number, account names, account contacts, addresses etc, which I also think would be very helpful.


Second is the availability of such a search on the home page. Now (to my knowledge) you have click "Customer Accounts" to get to the search and type the account name there. Then when you are on an account page and want to search for another account name, you have to first click "Customer Accounts" again before you get to the search field. Like in Salesforce, I would love if there was a search option on the top of the page, regardless of which Z menu you are on.

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I wish i could up-vote this more than once.


This would probably be the most helpful feature from a usability point of view that i have seen here. Having the ability to search from anywhere within the UI and return results either related to the current record or a completely different topic without the need to first navigate to the "Home Page" of the related group would be a huge time saver, not to mention the eliminating the frustration of not returning any results because we are searching in the wrong section.


The simple results structure that @feisley mentiones (with the ability to open records in new tab) would be fine, though more functionality is always welcome.