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Search for a User and/or better sorting of user list

Search for a User and/or better sorting of user list

We have hundreds of Zuora users and it can be a real pain finding a user on the user list, especially if their first and last names are in the middle of the alphabet.  Would love the ability to: 


  • Search for a user by name
  • Sort the list by other columns like role
  • Filter the list (build list views like in Salesforce) so I could easily pull up a list of all Active users or all FinOps users for example.
  • Be able to export any of the results of the above (so export only active users for example).

This is a huge pain point for me as an admin. Thanks in advance!


Your best bet is to export the list, use excel to search, sort, etc and use the z userid to find the user in Zuora.


Yeah but I'd really like to just be able to search in the UI.  Almost every single SAAS tool we use has this function. It's a little crazy that Zuora doesn't.


Didn't mean to imply that was a reasonable solution, but it's the best solution I've come up with to make managing users possible.

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We are also getting very frustrated with the Zuora Admin interface as we grow to the hundreds of users.  Heck, even the option to display 100 or ALL users on the same page would be a help.  An Excel export doesn't help anything if you are trying to find a record (or multiple records) in order to make changes.  Zuora doesn't allow batch editing (ie: download the user list, make changes,  import changed CSV to modify multiple accounts).  It is very painful for scaling companies.


I agree that the Manage User section needs updating to include better searching and filtering.  The ability to create list views where you can create a filter of users with a certain Zuora Platform Role value or even Active v Deactivated or any other atribute or combination of atributes on a user profile would help.


The entire Admin functionality for Users in Zuora is limited in my opinion. We have multiple entities and it's even worse because of that.  For any change to a user you have to go to each entity, go to Admin, Go to manage users, search for the user, select the user and edit them, save the change then move to the next entity you need to fix. If someone makes an error we have no way to track who even did any Admin action in Zuora.