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SSO redirect to the original requested page after successful authentication, and not homepage

If SSO is configured (e.g. using ADFS) then if I use a bookmark to go to (e.g.) a customer account page in Zuora then after redirecting to the SSO login page, the recirection back into zuora should end up on the bookmarked page. Currently it only re-directs back to the homepage and you have to use the book mark again.

The more annoying use case is where a session has timed out and you click on a link in Zuora and end up back on the homepage rather than the link you wanted.


All our other external systems e.g. Zendesk, and even Salesforce do this right.


I believe all that is needed, is for the redirect to the SSO page to include a URL parameter with the redirect link in it, then the SSO page is set to go back to something like eu.zuora.com/ssologinsucess and it will also include the URL parameter sent to it, and then that SSOLoginSuccess page can redirect to that URL, or to the home page if none is supplied.