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Re: Roll back a sandbox refresh

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Roll back a sandbox refresh



We are in a situation where we would like to be able to run usage metrics in our sandbox for a specific period in the past.  We are testing out diffrent counting methodologies and would like to be able to compare a production bill run to the sandbox test usage but we have already refreshed our sandbox.


I ask that we be able to roll back that sandbox refresh so we can re-run the usage with a diffren set of numbers.  Being able to pull back all of the bill runs, usage, subscriptions, etc, is quite time consuming to do manually, so it would be nice to have an automated way to do this.


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Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Under Consideration

Hi @shiga, I believe that you're asking for an ability to quickly spin up a Zuora "sandbox" tenant that has a "copy" of Production data, so that you could do some testing with respect to how usage should be rated given a different pricing methodology. Is my understanding correct?

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Hi @lukasz, that's close.  We are looking to test out a different usage calculation methodology on the current price book.  We want to see the fiscal impact of the new counting method before we release it out to the public.

Zuora Product Team

@shiga, how pervasive is this test? Across all of your customers? Or just a subset? If all customers, then I'd still recommend the Services environment approach. Alternatively, I'd a mini data migration project of a portion of your customers to one of your existing customers.


Longer term, we're working on making the spin up of additional environments, with copy of cleansed Production data, self-service and faster. The alternative is to start this discussion withing the Subscription Management ideas and push for forecasting and modelling enhancements.

Savvy Scholar

@lukasz, this test would be across our entire customer base.  We do one bill run a month for all custoemrs.  So we are comparing the live bill run we did in production for the August service period to the sandbox production copy and loading new numbers there for a comparision between the two counting methodologies for the same service period.

I think we have it figured out for now, we just decided to move forward and not work with older data.