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Re: Require Audit Trail

Require Audit Trail

Feature Request: Require Audit Trail

Status: under evaluation

Reference Number: DE5826/PMT-876

Business Need:

There are business requirements that are looking for the ability to have an audit trail for all fields and records. The requirement is to have an audit trail on all

- Account fields (including all custom fields)
- Subscription Fields (including all custom fields)
- Contact Address Fields (including all custom fields)
- Settings changes
- Users' actions



So excited about this! Would love to know exactly when we can expect this. We've been waiting 3 years!

Savvy Scholar

This is highly anticipated by us as well. I see this: 

These 3 use cases should be ready soon, and we are targeting an LA release for December


What is meant with LA release? And when are the plans for implementing "full scope" and not just the 3 use cases listed in that last update from Zuora?



Zuora Product Team

Hi all,


We're making great progress on getting this feature ready for our LA release. The timeline is slightly delayed given a few unexpected issues that need to be addressed. Our new target for LA release is January 2020. 


Going forward, our plan is to incrementally increase the footprint of audit in Zuora and release this to you on a continuous manner as soon as it's ready. Based on what I've heard so far, we will start by enabling audit on objects within our Billing application. The first set includes Customer Account and Product Catalog.


Subsequent to enabling business objects, we will also enable auditing of Connect configurations, Reporting definition changes, and Custom Objects.


Please let me know if you have any feedback or particular use cases you want to highlight!




Valued Scholar

This is great to hear. How will the rollout be communicated as it occurs in a "continuous manner"?

Zuora Product Team

As we rollout additional scope, we want to ensure everyone is aware of it. Therefore, communications will come through multiple channels. It will be included as part of our release notes, announcements in Community forum and this thread, updates to Knowledge Center, newsletters, etc. 

Savvy Scholar

I heard from Support that the LA release is being pushed out past December.


@apurva-desai - Any updates on when some of the Audit functionality will be released?

Advanced Tutor

Curious, it's been 3 months since we've heard anything. Any updates on when some of this audit functionality might be released? @apurva-desai Thanks!

Newly Enrolled

Would love an update on this. Any chance we will see this soon?


Zuora Staff

Major customer in Australia is looking forward to this. Insights to this delivery would be much appreciated!