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Re: Require Audit Trail

Require Audit Trail

Feature Request: Require Audit Trail

Status: under evaluation

Reference Number: DE5826/PMT-876

Business Need:

There are business requirements that are looking for the ability to have an audit trail for all fields and records. The requirement is to have an audit trail on all

- Account fields (including all custom fields)
- Subscription Fields (including all custom fields)
- Contact Address Fields (including all custom fields)
- Settings changes
- Users' actions



Echo JMorrissey's comment - is this still 2016, if not when?  Will the audit log also include security event tracking (e.g. repeated failed logon attempts)?

Valued Scholar

What jmorrissey said! has this already launched or was it pushed out further?


Will "User's Actions" include actions against objects beyond those listed above? Namely,


- Account fields (including all custom fields)
- Subscription Fields (including all custom fields)
- Contact Address Fields (including all custom fields)

Zuora Product Team

@paulkaiser, yes, the intent is to track all changes to all "business objects" and their fields.


@arifyasin@rdeloach@jmorrissey, the date for this feature has been pushed out, and currently is roughly planned for the end of this year... Sorry, other items have taken precedence, including pre-cursors to Audit Trail, i.e. the new Notifications.


 Any chance there is an update as to when this feature will be available? It looks like it was planned for Q4 2016, but I don't think its been implemented.  Any updates?

Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Under Consideration

This continues to be high on our backlog, but we don't yet have a delivery date. We'll provide an update as soon as we have a more concrete idea on when we'll start on this feature.


Hi - this is a real hinderence for us - we just recently had somebody change available dates in our Product Catalog, resulting in 74 subscriptions now requiring amendments in addition to having to change all the products dates back to the correct availability date.  We cannot tell who did it to ensure it does not happen again.  Could we get an update on when this feature will be released.  Thanks!

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Hello. We recently had a similar incident and now need a change log report for our auditors. I see that this has been set to 'Coming Soon' for quite a while now, and was noted to be released at the end of 2017? Is there a new set release time for this crucial security feature? Thanks.

Zuora Product Team

@kcavanaugh, yes, an update is long overdue. Unfortunately, we haven't started on this yet, due to other roadmap priorities, however, this is now received enough votes to be our top candidate for what we start to work on next. I'll try and provide another update in a couple of months.


I agree with @jmorrissey and need for SOX audit. This is very important and required.


The SOX audit happens each quarter in a year and there is no feature available at one place where a report can be pulled to check what all changes made to environemnt.


When this is going to be available. We really need this as soon as possible.