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Re: Reporting / notifications for callout failures - Status changed to: More Feedback Needed

Reporting / notifications for callout failures

We have had a couple of occasions where callouts have failed as many times as the maximum attempt count due to connection timeouts, and we have only found out from customers reporting issues.

When these repeated failures are application-level errors in our system it's fine, because we monitor these errors and check/address any issues. But for other cases we may never see the callout and therefore can't report on whether it was processed successfully (e.g. if the problem is networking and the failures are connection timeouts).

It would be helpful if we could:

- (a) receive an email notification when a callout fails after the nth retry (where n is based on the max number of attempts configured), so that we can follow up on these immediately. It is a risk for us that we can miss cancellation/payment etc. notifications which means our system becomes out of sync with Zuora.

- (b) report more easily on these (e.g. list all callbacks which failed >= [max number of attempts])

Community Manager
Status changed to: New Idea
Community Manager
Status changed to: New Idea
Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Implemented

Ability to query for failed notifications (e-mails or callouts) is already available via our REST API. Additional documentation can be found in the Knowledge Center here.