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Re: Render HTML emails in Notification History - Status changed to: Under Consideration

Render HTML emails in Notification History

We use HTML format for our email notifications.  On the Account page in the Notification History section, the email preview renders the HTML code instead of the actual email.  This prevents our Zuora users from knowing exactly what was sent to the customer since they can't decipher all this gobbledygook.


It would be a good idea to have a Pain Text option for email notifications so they render in a legible format.


if this isn't the right section for this idea, please move appropriatly.Notification History.JPG

Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Under Consideration

Good catch, @ehavens. We'll take a look into it!


Any update on this?  It's becoming harder and harder to help customers when we don't know what was sent to them from the Email Notifications. 

Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Coming Soon

Turns out that this is not an easy fix for existing notifications. However, we're working on a new version of the notification framework, with greater flexibility in how events are defined, that trigger notifications. This framework now includes this fix. We'll be rolling out this new framework to select customers early next year, with GA planned for sometime in 2017.

@lukasz what is the best way to gain access to the early access of the new notification framework? We are fairly heavy users of both callouts and notifications, and would love to see what's on the roadmap and provide feedback/commentary.
Zuora Product Team

@zacharynelson, please send an e-mail to Zuora Support with your use cases, and we'll take it from there. I'll want to take a look at the use cases your looking to solve with this feature to make sure the Limited Availabilty is the right time for you to adopt this feature.


I'm a new Zuora customer and have been frustrated by this as well. I see the last update was over a year ago - but the issues persists. Could we have an update please.

Zuora Product Team

 Welcome, @pkells! Sorry about the lack of updates, but we're really close to publishing our new notification framework out. We want to do that first, and then this item is in our backlog to handle right afterwards. Thank you for chiming in, and hopefully voting for this issue as well!


@pkells I thought i'd offer a workaround that we do sometimes.  We copy and paste the HTML code in Notepad and save as HTML (filename.html) then you can open it up in any browser and it'll render the email as it was sent.