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Re: Product based message overrides - Status changed to: Under Consideration

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Product based message overrides

I would like to see possible override from the default tenant templates per product...this could be beneficial for new subsciptions per product and allow for custom messages to help with onboarding of the product...still would have the default messaging profile but have the ability at the product level to choose the default tennant messages or a custom message for that product upon successful subscription

Zuora Product Team
Zuora Product Team

Can you clarify what you mean by tenant message or tenant template?

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Status changed to: New Idea

Hi @kf4ape,


It would be great if you could clarify what specifically mean by default tenant messages and tenant template. Thanks.

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you can set template SMTP messages at the tenant level via "Default Profile" or another profile in the tenant, ie confirmation of subscription...this is what I elluded to at the in the previous messages

Zuora Product Team

@kf4ape, I think what you're asking for is ability to, conditionally, set your E-mail Templates up with different messages, depending on some of the values (like Product Name) in the merge fields. Is that correct?

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