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I would love presets in Zuora!  The way we provision access at my company is by job title.  Finance Ops has one set of permissions while someone outside of FinOps may have some of those roles as "restricted access."  Frequently, someone may click the wrong access level and then they have higher access than they need.  I would love if there was a way for me to select a group of role permissions in one single pre-set.  Say I enter in the users name and email and then select "IT Admin" and that would auto-populate all of their role permissions appropriately.  


Let me know if that makes sense and if it's possible! That would make things way easier as well as more secure and accurate!


Thank you!


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Having permissions assignable to a Role or Group would make permissions management much easier, especially for organizations with a large number of users.

Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Under Consideration

@jkwas, well, this is very timely post by you. We're actually currently discussing the pros and cons of the product-role approach we have now versus a more traditional user role approach. One of the concerns with switching to the user role approach, is that any small tweaks would require a new role. Over time, it might be hard to know which role is the right one to pick. On the other hand, I do see the ease of maintenance and assignment of roles to new users. Any comments?


Woah! I honestly didn't think this would even get a response! Awesome! 


I know at our company, we've had the same pre-sets since I've started where us in IT get one set, Finance Ops gets another, anyone else gets another, and then API permissions.  But I see where it could get sticky with customizations at other places.  


Thanks for the response and looking forward to what you all decide! 


I have become quite a fan of the tiered permissions that you can build within Salesforce as an example. You can define a few base profiles which represent most of your users but can also layer on additional permissions on a per user basis using permission sets.


For Zuora I could see one approach being the ability to select a profile which would define the permissions for all the modules and then the individual modules would be 'Inherited' from the profile. However, you could allow the override of that on a per user basis for granting a specific user elevated access while maintaining the rest of the profile.


I haven't played with Salesforce at all, but that sounds like a perfect medium between ease/broad strokes and customization!