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Notification History > Email History > click Subject Line > display email as customer would view

Notification History > Email History > click Subject Line > Display of email needs to be displayed the same as the customer would see.

Example Account: https://apisandbox.zuora.com/apps/CustomerAccount.do?method=view&id=2c92c0f9652ad8f9016543f26d077d9a

Please scroll down to the Notification History section. If not already selected, please click Email History tab. Navigate over to the Subject line which should appear in a blue-ish "linked" color. Please click the subject line "BigCommerce Delinquent Balance" to activate the javascript which is suppose to display the email the customer will receive. Instead you see the raw HTML/CSS coding from the back-end of the email template with the text of the email lost unless you can read through coding.


Attachment: Subject_Line__Display - This is what should appear when you click the blue-ish subject line under Email History.





Attachment: What_Currently_Displays - The code from the back end of the Source (HTML/CSS) of the email template.What_Currently_Displays.png




Again we are requesting to view the email as the customer views the email under the Notification History > Email History > Subject Line > click Subject Line to activate JavaScript to display email.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this issue.