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Multi-entity in Zuora not compatible with Connect

Multi-entity in Zuora not compatible with Connect

We are using multi-entity in Zuora, so we are normally having an user created on the top node and then from there we have provided ourselves access to the sub-entities. In Connect, we have created 3 logins, one for each environment that we are having (Development, Acceptance -which are on Sandbox and Production) using the users that we are using in Zuora's interface, created on the top node. 
The problem is that we are having a lot of issues when we want to add a new app for a certain sub-entity (as for ex. Workflow or Promo Codes). I have enabled Promo codes for a sub-entity (Admincontrol: https://www.screencast.com/t/V1GXFYQ5PZ), but since my user was created on the top node, the rate plans from the sub-entity (Admincontrol) weren't available, because it tried to fetch the product catalog from the top node entity and this isn't the only use case that we had.
As a workaround, the guys from support told me to create a new user in Zuora directly on the desired sub-entity and then to create a new login in Connect using that user and everything will work fine, but this means that the hierarchy from Zuora doesn't work good with Connect and this is a bit painful for us, because we are having aprox. 20 sub-entities, which means that we need to create 20 different logins if we want to enable some Apps for those entities and for sure the number will increase. 
Is there any plan to make it work directly using our top-node login in Connect?
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We have well over 20 entities and in Zuora you have to treat each one as it's own Company. I know it's painful but it's the way Zuora works now. Hopefully one day they will change that. Feel free to DM me if you have any questions. Just keep in mind that although it seems as though they are sub-entites they really aren't and you have to manage each one on it's own. We currently have 2 different SFDC instances feeding our various entities so each one needs it's own connection to each entity even if it's connected to the same SFDC SBX.

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Thanks for your answer, @marcielaux . I totally agree with you, but this would be a good improvement, so a nice to have feature. 


@Madalina - you are welcome - if you get a chance you can see some of the suggestions I have put together for Zuora here. I'd love to add some additional ideas to post 🙂