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Merge fields in Email notifications

Merge fields in Email notifications

Ability to add multiple merge fields tag in New Subscription notification (Email Template). Currently, we have a set of pre-defined the tags.   Some customers have requested the ability add additional merge fields. 

Let us know if you want this too!!!!

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I want this too!

Zuora Product Team
Zuora Product Team

We added a number of merge fields that you can use in that email template in a recent release.  Can you check and see if there are other merge fields/information you may need?

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How about just adding whatever field is in the system, like SFDC allows? Fields such as Account Manager, Sales Rep, etc are pretty important.


I would also like to have a much enhanced set of fields available on the Upcoming Renewal notification email, similar to those available now on the Invoice Posted email



You should really allow for all the available fields, dealing with this in a piece meal fashion is not efficient at all.