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Re: Mention tenant ID in mail notification for Z360 sync

Mention tenant ID in mail notification for Z360 sync

At the moment we have about 10 customers who we administrate their Zuora/Salesforce environment for. We have configured Zuora to send out the Z360 sync notification (errors only) to our support e-mail address. However, because in the mail notification there is no mention of the tenant ID or the tenant name, we never know for which customer we have received an error notification and thus we don't know which Z360 sync fails. 


Because of this we see sync errors normally way too late. We need to get those notifications with the associated tenant ID or name. 

Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Under Consideration

@dirkjanvanvliet great idea! We'll look into adding this into all the administrative notifications, as I'm guessing this would be helpful for some there as well.

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 Great! I'm looking forward to this functionality :). 


Perhaps send both the Tenant ID and Tenant Name (that way if a person is referring to it, they dont need to consult the list of number to company mappings)


Definitely useful. I appreciate that Salesforce always gives the org id and user id.

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This functionality has been released Smiley Happy