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Make Netsuite Integration ID Unique

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Make Netsuite Integration ID Unique

Since Zuora owns the integration from Zuora to Netsuite, it makes sense that the functionality should live on the Zuora side.  In Zuora, the Netsuite Integration ID is just a text field.  In Netsuite, that is a generated UNIQUE number.  IF you happen to clone a charge and forget to delete the Netsuite Integration ID field, the cloned record in Netsuite gets updated with all of the details of the new charge and the old record basically disappears....and there is no error or other way of knowing that this happens.


If either Zuora OR the Zuora to Netsuite sync required that the Netsuite Integration ID field were required, then at the very least, a user would receive an error that this ID was already in use and we'd be able to avoid the errors altogether.


In the end, once we finally realize that there's an error, we have massive amounts of invoices and data in Netsuite that is actually being recognized under the wrong product because it is associated with an ID that was allowed to be duplicated.  This would be a huge win for anyone that integrates Zuora with Netsuite.  Thanks.

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