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Re: Integration Zuora / Zendesk

Integration Zuora / Zendesk

We have a lot of customers who use Zendesk as their customer support solution. As we do internally as well. A lot of customers would like to integrate data from zuora into zendesk to provide their service agents with the required information. Zendesk provides functionality to bring in information quite easily with their REST Api's. I understood from Fernando Duarte that the main issue for us to easily integrate with Zendesk  is that for Zuora the primary key is the account id, and for Zendesk it is the email address. 

To make this work we would need to allow CORS enabled REST searching of the Account objects using email as the reference. While we only support CORS for payments. 

As I understood from Fernando that Zendesk was willing to create a Zuora widget on their market place it would be great if we can find a solution for this as this will be very valuable for (potential) customers. 

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To whom it may concern,


We are currently working to create a complete integration of Zuora with Zendesk. With this integration customer service agents will be able to see billing history of any given customer (who creates a ticket) and, if permitted, also manage subscriptions, charge, refund.


Sign up here: https://inbill.net

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Status changed to: Unlikely

Unlikely that we'll productize this directly. Please take a look at our Connect Marketplace and partners for solutions.