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Hiding users which have been 'Inactivated'

Please relay to your Vice President of Development that it would be an excellent feature to Hide the inactivated users. This would be the UI equivalent of physically deleting vs. logically deleting a user from your database.

When I used to be a developer, I often used to use an attribute/flag in a database table called isDeleted. If it was True, I'd hide whatever needed to be hidden on screen for the user - in this case a deleted user. Of course, the record wasn't truly physically deleted, only logically deleted, when the isDeleted attribute/flag was set to True.

Please request that your team investigates how to best implement hiding users when they are logically deleted, via inactivation. There are lots of good ways to go about it. It's an important feature. And it's one that a mature, or even a semi-mature application would, and should have. (For referential integrity, users should never ever be physically deleted.)

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Status changed to: More Feedback Needed
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