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Re: Having the option to control mandatory/optional fields - Amendment Name

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Having the option to control mandatory/optional fields - Amendment Name

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It is not useful for us to have the Amendment Name in particular as a mandatory field, and it takes time to update. This brings up the point that admins should be able to choose which fields are mandatory or not for their organization.



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The standard "SendToZuora" button doesn't include Payment Method authentication.
I Hope incorporate the Payment Method authentication check into the update process "SendToZuora" button.

The reason we want to incorporate is that even if the certification is OK at the time of estimate creation, if the authentication error occurs in the subsequent period, the information on the payment method will be registered halfway to Zuora.


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 @Hajime, I think you're asking for something quite different and likely something we can already do, by customizing the "Send to Zuora" button in SFDC. Could you post your question on the Zuora CPQ Discussions board instead?

Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Unlikely

@nataliemcguire, I see what you mean. We're actually moving over to Orders, which will change the Amendment behavior. For general effort around which fields are required or not, that's a bigger effort and not currently we're planning on tackling any time soon.