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Filtering by UpdatedDate API

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Filtering by UpdatedDate API

We download DiscountPercentage, Price and DiscountAmount from Zuora every day by making API call using queries shown under ZuoraSSQL As we can’t use any filer (an example WHERE UpdatedDate > '2018-12-03T12:30:33-0700') in the query entire file is downloaded, and then we have to upload big files. It would be nice to put filter in the Query so that we could download less amount changed data only.


Would it be possible to incorporate the filter so that our package would only down load changed data instead of entire file. As is an example of filter query:

SELECT RatePlanCharge.Id, Invoice.Id, InvoiceItem.* FROM InvoiceItem WHERE UpdatedDate > '2018-12-03T12:30:33-0700'