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Re: Expose Zuora objects and its field through an operation in WSDL

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Expose Zuora objects and its field through an operation in WSDL

I think it will be helpful if Zuora exposes its objects and its fields through on operation in WSDL.Based on each customer's environment users must be able to retrieve the information pertaining to their tenant.Currently customers have to read through the knowledge center/ web UI to obtain information regarding the fields particular to a object say Account.

Also if a user has custom fields currently user has to manually enter those fields in WSDL .

If the user can obtain this information through a webservice/REST uri it will help end users to build applications which are dynamic rather than be dependant on the wsdl.

Information for an object type like Product and a field like Category should indicate the name,type,whether it is a custom field,creatable,updatable,required field,any field restrictions etc.

So request Zuora to expose an API to retrieve its objects and metadata through a webservice call or REST URI.

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Custom fields are already included in WSDL 


Having a API SOAP/REST call to query the objects and metadata is a great idea!! 


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Hi - Currently you can view all fields for any data source, using this Zuora REST API URL:


Where [datasource] is the name of the data source (such as Account, RatePlanCharge, or InvoiceItem).

You must specify your Zuora credentials using Basic Authentication or by setting a cookie with a valid Zuora Session ID.


To better view the details, you may also use the URL below, which also includes all custom fields in your tenant.



Please also note this exposes Zuora data source or ZOQL object, not a SOAP API object.

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