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Re: Export / Import configuration

Export / Import configuration

It would be most helpful to be able to export a tenant configuration to a file, like meta-data or similar, and have the ability to import it into a tenant.  There are 2 use cases for this: first, to back up and archive configurations to satisfy auditor requests to validate no unapproved configurations have changed.  Second, in ensuring environment integrity in API Sandboxes or Services tenants to your source/production tenant.

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Since it has been five months since the internal deployment do you have an ETA yet for when customers might have access to this?


Adding my voice to the many customers that would benefit from this.  We are in progress on adopting Zuora, and the manual process of syncing environments is worthy of ridicule.

We can refresh a non-prd environment and deprodify it with a minimum of effort for a couple of teams.  We can audit any environment for differences in minutes.  These are all operational processes that mature organizations realize as a necessity.  We find that many SaaS providers cannot perform this basic function.  They are learning as they mature that this HAS to be a core service offering especially if you presenting an app in audit scope for SOX, PCI, HIPPA, GDPR, or any other framework that requires you to prove your work through audit.

Zuora...  sooner rather than later.  This thread was started 2 years ago.

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Hi, any news about this improvement? The customer often asks us for an automation process and a back-up ability for the Zuora's settings configuration. We continue to follow the thread with interest!

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What is the status of this functionality?  By now, Zuora should have a means to export the tenant configs in full to a Git repository and handle deployments from the repo.  This lack of DevOps functionlity is troubling.

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Do you have any update about the progress on this one? This would be also a very useful feature for us, since we are using multi-entiy setup and three different environments (two for testing in Sandbox) and one for Production, which are not so easy to configure/mantain manually.

Any update on this feature?  Although we are still in design phase, we realy prefer to start off on the right foot by keeping the configurations in a source control system. 

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Hello all,


We release our Settings API that helps our customers with export/import configurations.  Right now, it's a tool that allows our customers to build export/import processes.  We also provided in the documentation a sample of a batch request that can be used as a workaround to easily export/compare settings.

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There should be a simple way to migrate reports from one tenant to other. We have big reports pulling information from multiple objects and redoing the report in each tenant is time consuming and error prone.