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Re: Export / Import configuration

Export / Import configuration

It would be most helpful to be able to export a tenant configuration to a file, like meta-data or similar, and have the ability to import it into a tenant.  There are 2 use cases for this: first, to back up and archive configurations to satisfy auditor requests to validate no unapproved configurations have changed.  Second, in ensuring environment integrity in API Sandboxes or Services tenants to your source/production tenant.

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@lukasz Hi Lukas, any news about this improvement? Best regards

Zuora Product Team

@giancarlofenu, thanks for asking. We're going to be rolling out the first release of this, currently internal, in May. Assuming that goes well, we'll follow up with a public release. Is there anything you're working on where this feature could help?

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@lukasz Is there any prelimary documentation about what kind of configuration settings are included in the export/import set and how it deals with conflicts ? Can it do a diff between to tenants ? Does it include include custom reports and custom fields ( PLEASE!! ) ? And if there is no diff, is the export/import in a readable/logical/ordered format that it can easily be checked with thirdparty diff tools. 

Zuora Product Team

@msonsma, we're still in internal testing and release cycle, so no public documentation is available right now. However, I'll say that this is simply a get/set API, that allows those operations either on one, a set, or all settings. Conflicts will be returned as errors. This API will not perform a diff, but you should be able to take two exports and diff them externally, that was one of the design goals. The plan is to include custom fields, I still need to look into custom reports, but I feel like that's in our scope, so it would make sense to include them.


@lukasz if you need some UAT on this I have two tenants that I am going to be merging and would happily give it a shot in my sandbox

Zuora Product Team

Thank you, @rjohnson, will put a note out when we're ready for you to take a test drive of these API's.


Hi - Any more news on when this might be comming out?  Trying to keep live and and dev environments in sync, and audit changes is a nightmare right now.


This really is a must have feature as we're really struggling with this issue


This is crucial missing bit for a lot of work I do day-to-day. Ability to export (and import) and then locally diff the configuration would save me hours of laborious manual clicking-around work that I have to do to ensure the configuration is correct across different environments. Please give me a shout when this is ready!

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Just wanted to add one more comment to say yes please, this would save me so much time and effort as we have 3 different environments, 2 sandboxes and a live environment. The amount of man hours the team have collectively lost to manual configuration syncing must be insane.