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Re: Expired Session not redirecting to the SSO logout page

Expired Session not redirecting to the SSO logout page


we configure SSO.

It is working for the login and logout but not for the session expiration.

Therefore, when Zuora session expires we are redirected to the Zuora standard login page and not to the SSO login page.

Our users are lost and not happy about this.

They are expecting to be redirected to the page where they can login again.

Support SME

Hi Antonio,


That is really a good enhancement request. Currently, that idea is being tracked in our internal ticket APG-1446. We have informed our engineering team your idea. 




Support SME

Hello @antonio


This feature is to be released in R234, for which the deployment windows are -
Sandbox - 7-12 Nov
Production - 14-19 Nov
Thank you

HI @weiwei HI @Yong

thank you for the good news.

Question: will we have to do a special configuration or the logout path will be used?


Thank you




Support SME

Hi @antonio

The expired session logout URL can be set by submitting a support ticket with us. Here is our support portal: https://support.zuora.com. Please let us know the target tenant Id and the expected logout URL when filing the ticket. 



@Yong  I assume we have to wait for it to be released before we request that, or can we ask for it now?

Also why is there no way to set this in the UI via the Tenant Profile Settings or similar?


Support SME

Hi Nigel, 


You can ask for it now by raising a support ticket. It will take effect after it is released although. Based on the current design, it can be updated only from the backend. You may not see it in the UI via the Tenant Profile Settings yet. I guess it is another idea. Thank you.