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Re: Entity classes for easier development - Status changed to: Implemented

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Entity classes for easier development

For developing with the new Zuora REST API it would be useful for us to get the Zuora Entity classes, e.g. Product, RatePlan, etc. (especially Java classes would be helpful). Is there any chance to get them? Or do we have to create our own entity classes by typewriting every field we get as JSON response from the REST call?



@Magi given that the fields can vary per tenant (based on custom fields and possibly on any limited release features that are enabled), it is likely the best option is to generate this from the WSDL you can download from within your tenant. This contains all the fields for Product, RatePlan, etc that could be transformed into the format you require.

Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Implemented

@Magi, have you checked out the Code Libraries that are listed in the Developer Center? You'll find Java libraries there, which should do what you're looking for. Please note that we just released them, so we'll likely be doing a bit of clean up there (w.r.t. package naming and minor fixes to resource names).