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Enterprise readiness: One should be able to login to many Zuoras from one SSO

In relation to: Cannot add new user to Zuora for SSO, as an Enterprise with more than one Zuora who has several (lots of) employees, of which there may be 50 or so Zuora users across our several Zuora tenants, we want to implement a mature SSO solution so that when a user moves, leaves or joins our business, we can revoke access for them in our Zuora tenant, we also want them to only have to remember one password.


Currently, unlike other enterprise solutions (Salesforce, replicon etc), Zuora doesn't not support that use case. Zuora should support this use case. How far away is this enterprise feature from being developed?


We need our users to just login to their Okta portal and pick the Zuora tenant they need access to at the time they need it.


Illustration of SSO