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Re: Display Order of Custom Fields

Display Order of Custom Fields

The custom fields are currently displayed in the order in which the custom field was created. If I want to add a new custom field that is related to existing custom field, I would like to position it around the related custom field, but the new custom field is displayed at the bottom of the custom fields. I would like to control the display order of each custom field.

Support SME

Hi @S_Mizu , thank you for the product idea!


Just to clarify: you're referring to the custom fields list on the UI when you're saying you'd like to be able to change the order of the fields?


For example:




Hi victor,

Yes,I'm referring to the custom fields list on the UI .

Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Under Consideration

Great idea, please continue to vote to give us a sense of priority on this.

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And please design it in such a away that display order can be set accross both the indexed and non-indexed fields and not per category. ( just be sure :-))

Zuora Staff

More on this.... We noticed that actually the custom fields SEEM to be display as follows (on the create subscript or display subscriber screen for example).

 * indexed first, in the order they were created

 * non-indexed, in the order they were created


But actually... this is not ALWAYS true, and sometimes, this ordering is not fully respected....


Indeed, after checking with Product, currently, there's no particular ordering, so I guess in most cases the select happens to return them in the order they were created....


This is causing a REAL PAIN for customers like ours who has many fields, like 25+, and that really use the UI as a tool.... the end user spend then time to locate the fields, and of course, there's a risk of error...


Even w/o going to a full configuration scheme that would allow complete control on ordering, a cheap change could be to really enforce the ordering by field creation datetime...

Zuora Staff

This is more problematic when customer has multi-entity as the order is not same on one tenant and depends on the entity.

Please give this priority and ideally this should be included in the GA release of the Multi-Entity.


Even if you displayed the fields alpha by label, it would be better than what we have now. They are in apparently random order (user entering data does not know or care about the custom field creation date).


Completely agree! It'll be great if we can sort the custom field on our own.

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+1 to be able to change the order of the custom fields on the UI.

Savvy Scholar

on all objects especially usage records