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Re: DevOps strategy in Zuora

DevOps strategy in Zuora

Hello All,


I am new to Zuora and currently trying to develop a DevOps strategy for it. I would appreciate if someone can answer following questions.


1. Is there any way to implement version control in Zuora? Either inbuilt or using some external version control software like SVN or github. Idea is that if meta data is changed (field creation for example), can it be recorded/stored somewhere. Different versions of objects.


2. What is the mechanism of moving code/configuration changes from one environment to another? Say someone created 20,30 fields in DEV environment and now all these fields are to be migrated to SIT. Can it be done using some utility? What all meta data can be migrated in this fashion?


Appreciate help from you all.


Thank you!


Zuora Product Team

@sumitbahukhandi, thanks for the question. Right now, Zuora doesn't provide a way to export the system configuration of your tenant. However, this is something we're working on adding this year. When we do, there will be API's to retrieve and set all aspects of the Zuora tenanta configuration, including custom fields, etc. Furthermore, we're working on a tool for configuration change promotion, that would likely be available as a Connect app.

Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Coming Soon
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Thanks a lot @lukasz. Appreciate the response.

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@lukasz Do we have this feature now? For deloyment or versioning control for core zuora or for Zuora Workflows?

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@sumitbahukhandi I am now the PM focusing on this area.  As a first phase to help our customers add more automation to their change processes, we released our Settings API: https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/Developer_Platform/API/BB_C_Settings_API/Overview_of_Settings_API


Please have a look and let me know if you have any questions or feedback.  We launched this a few months ago and have seen steady customer adoption.

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@kurtlu Thanks for the response. On knowledge center it shows "In Development". Has it been released to all type of sandboxes (API, Peformance Testing and Production).

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@sumitbahukhandi While the feature is listed as In Development, it is actively available in sandboxes and production, and being adopted by customers and 3rd parties.  So it is safe to start working with this API and we will maintain backwards compatibility going forward.


We have a few settings to add in the coming months and intend to consider this generally available very soon.

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Thanks @kurtlu Will check and get back to you. So we have to build a tool to extract the meta data and then update it to the next environment.