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Re: Custom Requirements and Contraints Settings for Fields

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Custom Requirements and Contraints Settings for Fields

Custom fields already give us the ability to define defaults. I'd like to extend four abilities to all field types (custom and standard):

  1. Constraints (e.g. field input must match a certain regex)
  2. Required? (currently only available on custom fields)
  3. Dependencies (e.g. if this field is filled out, this other field must also be filled out, but if this field is nil, that field can also be nil)
  4. Update Options on standard picklist fields (for example IIA Reason)

I know that some of these things already occur for standard fields but it would be nice to be able to have tighter control over them / make them customizable. For example: perhaps I want to force certain users to always fill out a field on an IIA if the reason is "Cancellation."

Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Unlikely

Thank you for the detail @sourak. All of these items are not currently on our near-term roadmap, however I'm starting to hear the ask for being able to customize which standard/custom fields:

  • are displayed, required, editable
  • are validated, either based on data type (number, date) or via more complex logic (e.g. given value of field A, field B can only be a subset of values)
  • are automatically changed, based on business rules (e.g. for a customer paying with ACH, the gateway should be ACH capable, and currency USD)

We're considering some additional capabilities on custom fields in the short-term, but the above items are not currently thought to be high-priority.


Please vote this up to let us know that you need it, and don't forget to provide details of your use cases and examples!


@lukasz Thanks for the feedback. I'm also interested in similar behavior for standard fields, just to be clear. I'm assuming that's also not on the current roadmap but just wanted to make sure...

Zuora Product Team

Yes, very clear that you're looking for these capabilities on standard fields @sourak, and that makes sense. Again, no plans for standard fields at this point, just custom fields at this time.

Valued Scholar

I am interested in a variation of this - different picklist values by currency in the product catalog.


?For example, if I have a picklist with 5 values (A, B, C, D, E), i may want to select "A" for a certain charge in USD and "D" for the same charge in CAD.


Better yet, i would love to filter the picklist values by currency.

In the same example, I would only want the following as options...

>For USD - A, B, D

>For CAD - C, D, E


I am also considering creating separate custom fields, so that i would be able to capture that I need "A" when in USD and "D" when in CAD for that product rate plan charge. But this would obviously get very complex as we continue to add countries.


I'm happy to provide more details if necessary.

Zuora Product Team

@MKent525, sounds like you need the dropdown values to be dynamic based on other fields' values. Would love to get more detail, specifically, the actual business use case, if you can share it. Then, if the dynamic logic is simply predicated on one field, multiple fields, or even more complex. Basically, is it simply a multi-dimensional lookup problem, or so complex that it requires custom logic instead?

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For this specific use case, dynamic values based on the currency would be ideal (only showing 3 of 10 values, for instance). But if dynamic values were not available, the ability to select a different value from the full list when enabling a different currency would still solve my core problem.

The specific use case is that I need to track a tax code (for our taxation system), but the tax code varies based on the ERP operating unit (loosely correlated to a country). We don't want to create duplicate rate plans for each country, since that would mean as many as 40 duplicates per plan. For the US, there is a certain set of valid tax codes. For Canada, there is another set of valid tax codes. I want to be able to select one value for the USD version of a rate plan and a different value for the CAD version of that rate plan.


And if the system could also dynamically filter the picklist of options so that i only see Canada tax codes when i'm editing the CAD version (and US tax codes when i'm editing the US version)... that would be even better.

Valued Scholar

We also want to track different discount approval thresholds for different currencies, in order to drive sales behavior. Supporting different custom field values by currency would enable us to do this.