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Re: Copy Config Elements from Prod to Sandbox and vice versa

Copy Config Elements from Prod to Sandbox and vice versa

Given time, both systems grow apart. So the sandbox has way more custom fields etc. which the Productive Enviornment does not have. From time to time it makes sense to revert the productive settings back to the Sandbox system. With I don't mean Accounts and Orders and such but the following:

All Admin Settings (Except Users) such as Custom Fields, Notifications / Events / Templates, Taxing Options, Billing Settings, Payment Settings / Payment Provider.

This combined with my Notification Template and Global Variables Idea would make any consultants life a piece of cake

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We recently released the Settings API as a starting point: https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/DC_Developers/BB_C_Settings_API/Overview_of_Settings_API


Settings API is best suited for developers or integrators to build their own custom solutions to move configurations between environments.  Feel free to reply with any questions.


Thanks a lot that is actually very helpful! 

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Hi @kurtlu , It seems like Settings API only supports Oauth and not basic authentication. But Zuora PCEs themself do not support Oauth.

Are there any plans to support basic auth for this, or for PCEs to support Oauth.