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Consistent REST field spelling

Consistent REST field spelling

The REST API field spelling should be consistent and not vary in terms of capitalized letters.


As an example the contacts CRUD actions:
- Create
- Retrieve
- Update
- Delete


Create, retrieve and update are using initial capital letters, for example the field success:

In contrary Delete is using small letters:


This problem is applicable to a lot of different objects. Another example:
"Accounts -> Get account" returns everything in small letters, while "Account -> Retrieve account" returns everything with an initial capital letter.


This makes it more difficult to work with case sensitive REST API framworks/libraries such as Java GSON. Instead of doing the serialization once, one has to do it twice, just because of the capital letters.

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Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Coming Soon

@waterstorm, good point, we're looking to straighten this out.