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Changing default search parameters for Invoices and Subscriptions

We notice quite long response time in Zuora in the search for Invoice and Subscription.

Indeed, default search parameters are for thoses objects :

- Field : All

- Search type : Contains

It could be faster if default search parameters were :

- For Invoice :

o Field : Invoice Number

o Search type : Exact Match

- For subscription :

o Field : Subscription Number

o Search type : Exact Match Search

In Customer account is much faster, maybe because there’s no search type “contains”.

We consider it would be a nice improvement for zuora to propose directly an exact match for invoice and subscription search.

At least, it would be great to be able to save our own search settings.

It would be a huge time saving.

In addition, I'm led to think that the search on all the data performs by the users by default may certainly be an overload on the database and server.