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Callout notification: alsways include the trigger event in the event parameters


For some call-out notifications the actual trigger (sub) event is not available as event parameter that can be included in the notification message. Example: the "Invoice Posted" event has three trigger events: Manual, API, and BillRun. However this event type is not available as event parameter and the only way to pass the even trigger type would be using a URL based parameter:     http://...../service?Eventrigger=API. This a cumberstone solution.



Always make the trigger (sub) event available as an event parameter even if that information is available on a entity/datasource field ). For instance as "Event.EventTrigger" parameter


+1 on this! The 'Key Dates' category is very similar; the event parameters are very specific (eg., 'Subscription Start Date', 'Subscription End Date') yet these values cannot be included in the callout params.

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