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Allow some relationship/inheritance of custom fields

Allow some relationship/inheritance of custom fields



We configure product feature... A feature models 'something' to provision on a 3rd party system. As an example, imagine this would be for telephony... Product would be a GSM line, features would be services (dial tone, 3way calling, call redirection,...).
Using custom field, we would configure one of these features as 'main' one... eg, this would be the primary one w/o which other ones would make no sense.
Then imagine we have another product DSL, with its own set of features but also, one of these as primary feature...

The Subscription product features would also have some custom fields to record the status of the provisioning (we don't want to keep that on the subscription itself, because as we can see we can have multiple products, GSM and DSL for example), and since we would want to replicate this info not on all the subscription product feature, but only on the 'primary' ones...


But then, since the primary custom field information is at product feature level and not subscription product feature... in order to know which SPF corresponds to a primary feature, we have to query all of then and check the corresponding product feature settings...


Hence the idea... the primary field of product feature could be made inherited by the subscription product feature... ie, on the subscription product feature, you could define a custom field as inherited from the corresponding product feature... and this would be copied over at provisioning time.


The same could be done for product rate plans fields and subscription rate plans, product rate plan charges and subscription rate plan charges... etc..

This may not be for now... but since custom fields are being re-thought... well, that's an idea 🙂



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Excellent idea - cannot wait to see it implemented. Should’ve been there long time ago. Will save a lot of time and effort and cut development time in half – not to mention the quality improvements as well – since it will be cloned during the subscription creation and won’t require the custom code any more. Definitely way to go!

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Status changed to: Under Consideration