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Allow multiple emails on event notification

Allow multiple emails on event notification

It would be good to allow multiple email templates to be used on a single event notification.


For example, on the Z-Payments notifications we would like to have the "Payment Processed | Payment Processed" event use two distinct email templates. The reason for this is that we would want one which is intended for the client and another which would be sent internally (to one of our own email addresses). These emails would contain very diffent information and therefore could not be acheived using one email template. This is just one example where we would like to use this but the same functionality would be useful across all event notifications.

Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Under Consideration

Hey @benfowler, have looked into creating multiple e-mail templates and then assigning them to different Communication Profiles? This would allow you to make sure that the appropriate e-mail template is used for the appropriate customer. Does that solve your issue?

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Hi lukasz,


Thanks for your comment but I don't think this would help in the scenario that I described.


Correct me if I am wrong but I believe that communcation profiles are asigned on a per clinet basis so your suggestion would allow for different templates to be used on a per client basis. What I am suggesting is that it would be useful if multiple templates could be assigned to a single communication profile (the "Payment Processed | Payment Processed" event in my example). This would allow us to have a email (template) which would be sent out to client email addreses and another email (template) which would be sent out to our internal email addresses (we'd want quite different information on each of the two email templates). While we could set up two communicaiton profiles to assign the two different templates, we would not be able to assign both communication profiles to a single client. 



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Hi Ben,

I'm sure you would have got this solved by now. If not, how about creating two notifications for the same event and then assign the appropriate templates.